Published 2016-04

Firstly introduced through the Seamaster line in 1966, the Omega Chronostop is a single pusher chronograph, 50% wristwatch, 50% stopwatch.



In 1967, the Chronostop is introduced into the Geneve collection.


It has a smaller size (35mm) and a simpler dial design.

The movement is the manual wound cal.865, derived from the famous cal.861, powering Omega Speedmaster after 1968.


A date version was powered by cal.920 (~1968) and a version with 30min counter is introduced with cal.930 (~1969).

Among all the Chronostop variations, the most funny and sought after version is the so called "Driver" version, ref 145.010, made to be worn under the wrist to be easily read while driving a (race) car with its 90° turned dial!


The Chronostop Driver is a unique example of design serving functionality.

The case is very typical of the 70's with tonneau shape and sharp and contrasting lines.

The dial was proposed under four different colors: grey, red, blue and green.


From what I know, a special version with white dial was made for the Italian market only.


The present watch is a very well preserved example, with original omega signed cristal and crown.


The dial is in wonderful condition, with all tritium plots in good shape.


It is definitively a very interesting little watch, important in Omega history and still very affordable today.